I arrived at ELS Agency when my life had reached the threshold of the adult world. This turning point brought up mixed feelings: on the one hand I was raring to get going, my curiosity for what lay ahead at full throttle; but on the other, I was paralyzed by the fear of not being good enough. How else is a young woman supposed to feel, fresh out of university and facing the world of work? How can she summon up great courage in a professional environment that seems, in most cases at least, to be void of any equality, meritocracy or opportunity to grow?

Fortunately, there are always exceptions.

After proving my willingness to learn and take on new challenges, ELS Agency decided to take me on. They rewarded my energy and curiosity, giving me the opportunity to show what I’m capable of, free from any prejudices related to my age. Simply put, ELS Agency was able to take a gamble. Because I was exactly that, a gamble.

I truly hope that I wasn’t the first and last young woman ELS Agency, or any company in Italy or in the world for that matter, are able to take a gamble on.

I would like to thank ELS Agency for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow. I have no doubt that this experience will shape the future of my career.