The days of needle, thread and runway are no more for the world of fashion. Over the last decade, the industry has undergone a radical transformation, evolving from elegant boutiques downtown into digital brands using social media, e-Commerce and omni-channel strategies that were, just a few years ago, completely unimaginable. What does the future hold and how should fashion brands prepare themselves for inevitable, further developments? Dagorà, in partnership with Loomish and NetComm Suisse, sought to answer this very question in the first edition of Fashion Innovation Week, six days devoted to the future of the world of fashion, held in various venues across Lugano.
Every day of the week-long event focused on a different topic (for the full agenda, click here), however each and every discussion revolved around the idea of innovation. Nowadays we are all looking for the latest digital solution that will make our lives easier while, at the same time, entertaining and intriguing us. The fashion industry is no different. The real stars of the show were, therefore, the innovators building companies that will radically change the face of fashion. Innovation is, of course, synonymous with start-ups and the event on the 25th March acknowledged their vital importance. Organized by Loomish and presented by our CEO Matt Bedford, the Fashion Innovation Award was held in the wonderful setting of Villa Ciani, Lugano, and rewarded the very best out of the 100 digital projects put forward.
ELS Agency is very proud to have been a Silver Sponsor at the Innovation Meets Fashion Event on the 26th March, sharing the spaces of LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura with high caliber companies such as Accenture, SalesForce, Tinext and many other pioneers from the digital world. At our stand we discussed the significance of content and digital communication in what has been dubbed the third digital revolution: moving on from websites and mobile-friendly, the focus is now on interacting and conversing with users, hence the trend in chatbots and voice assistants, as well as the modern User Journey where digital channels intend to recreate a pleasant conversation. Written content and communication strategies have never been so important.

Fashion Innovation Week was yet another success for Dagorà, NetComm Suisse and Loomish, and we are exceedingly pleased to have taken part. See you next year and keep innovating!