This Christmas ELS Agency are offering to translate your LinkedIn profile from Italian into English for free.

Besides the fact we’re in the festive spirit, we decided to run this campaign to help you find your dream job in 2018. The New Year is the perfect time to further your career and an English translation of your LinkedIn profile is crucial for appealing to international brands and making yourself stand out. Once you’ve got the translation, you can either make English your default profile setting or create an additional page using the multilingual feature.

Getting your hands on a professional English translation is super simple. To get going, click here. First we need to take your details. Then we’ll ask you to send us your exported file (we’ve got some pics to show you how). And that’s it! You’ll receive your translated profile in your inbox as soon as possible.

Our generosity won’t last long (in fact it will expire on the 23rd January 2018) so don’t hang around! Get a free translation of your LinkedIn profile today.