2017 was an important year for ELS Agency as it marked an evolution in our customers’ preferred English content creation services.

Overall, performance was up by a significant 22% in the language, but this figure masks some potentially industry-changing trends. Interestingly, translation fell slightly by -11%, a phenomenon explained by the fact we saw a rise in other content creation services – review and copywriting (or writing ex novo).

With the improvement of English language skills in Italy, more and more clients are opting to draft texts in English themselves and asking us to check them. This positive development symbolizes the recognition in the country of the importance of mastering a global language like English.

That said, copywriting was the real winner last year, soaring an exponential +171%. Since introducing the service in 2016, it is clear the appetite for made-to-measure content written directly in the language is huge. And it’s not hard to see why, given it allows greater creativity, better localization and ultimately better marketing results.

It is our belief that as more and more clients see the tangible benefits of copywriting, they will choose to move towards the service in other languages too. We forecast therefore that 2018 will bring lower translation numbers, replaced by sizeable rises in copywriting. But only time will tell…

Source: Official collated statistics of ELS Agency 2016-2017