One year, one month and thirty days. No, we’re not talking about Nostradamus’ predictions, and we’re sorry to disappoint fans of Donnie Darko. This, in fact, is the exact amount of time we’ve got left until the UK officially exits from the European Union. About a year ago British Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, officially starting proceedings for the most famous divorce of the last 50 years.

If the British public were to go to the ballot boxes today, the result of the referendum would be quite different. Many multinationals – Deutsche Bank Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, to name but a few – have made their position on Brexit crystal clear, moving their headquarters elsewhere. But in spite of the general discontent, strong fears and bundles of questions, there are just as many positive, or at the very least objective, viewpoints. It’s utterly unthinkable that Brexit will turn into an embargo of yesteryear or that EU nationals living in the UK (and UK nationals living in the EU) will be turfed out of their homes from one day to the next.

ELS Agency, being half-British, has never been indifferent to Brexit. While we find it hard to believe that half our team will no longer be European, we are prepped and ready to tackle any of the consequences of Brexit. ELS Agency Ltd will continue to do business alongside the Italian Srl company, guaranteeing our clients the same services without any logistic or bureaucratic complications.

So was it what we wanted? Certainly not. But there’s no going back so the only thing we can do is make the best of the situation, current or future – that is, in one year, one month and thirty days. The clock is ticking.